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Posted on June 01 2020

One thing we hear from our customers is that they need something to hold their wig in place for a longer duration of time. We SHE-EO's cant  keep adjusting our wigs in the middle of meetings, or between practice and piano lessons. So whats the trick you ask? Say it with me WiGrip. 

The WiGrip Comfort Band will allow you to wear your wig, head scarf, securely without the use of harsh glues, tapes, and clips. Wearing a WiGrip can prevent any tension you feel around the circumference of your head when wearing a wig all day. This thin grip band has a velcro closure that makes it very user friendly. It comes in 3 shades tan, brown, and black.

Milano WiGrip Beige

If you wear monofilament wigs or wigs with a lace front there is an upgraded WiGrip that is more ideal for your preferred cap construction. Below is a photo of that version. 

Milano Collection WiGrip in Brown



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