Tips for Wearing Your Wig During the Winter

Tips for Wearing Your Wig During the Winter

Winter weather can be harsh on your skin and hair, and it can also be harsh on your wig. Dry winter air can cause your wig to dry out and become damaged. Therefore, it’s necessary to take the appropriate steps to protect your wig from freezing temperatures and dry air. Here are some helpful tips for wearing your wig during the winter.

Wash Your Wig at Night

The first tip for wearing wigs in the winter is to wash your wig at night. It may be tempting to wait until the morning to wash your wig before you put it on, but you should avoid doing this. Washing your wig in the morning doesn’t leave enough time for it to dry all the way before putting it on and going outside.

Instead, you should wash your wig in the evenings and leave it to air dry throughout the night. That way, you reduce the chances of your damp wig freezing and breaking in the cold weather.

Deep Condition Your Wig

You should also deep condition your wig in the winter months. Shampooing your wig isn’t always enough to protect it in cold, dry weather. Conditioner helps to lock in hair’s moisture and keeps it hydrated throughout the day.

Therefore, you should use a deep conditioning mask for wigs a few times a week during winter. Utilizing a leave-in conditioner spray as needed during the day can also be beneficial.

Cover Your Wig for Protection

Covering your wig for protection is another essential wig care tip during the wintertime. Due to the lack of moisture in the winter air, wigs can dry out quickly, even with the use of deep conditioners.

To lock in moisture, it’s best practice to wrap or cover your wig when you are outside and exposed to the elements. You can use a silk scarf, a loose hat, or another gentle material to cover your wig.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Another important tip to remember when caring for your wig in the winter is to wear appropriate clothing. Certain materials like wool can damage the hair strands of your wig.

So you want to avoid wearing wool sweaters, coats, scarves, or hats while wearing your wig. Wool will cause your wig to become a tangled mess and can increase the risk of breakage. Instead, you should wear materials like cashmere or cotton.

Invest in a Human Hair Wig

Investing in a human hair wig is another tip for wigs in the winter. Human hair wigs are stronger and more durable than synthetic wigs, so they can handle winter weather better. This makes investing in a human hair wig for the wintertime a good idea.

Be sure to follow these helpful tips for wearing wigs in winter weather this season. To help, Fabys Wigs offers a great selection of high-quality wigs that you can wear in the wintertime. Check out our selection today!


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