Tips for Styling Your Synthetic Hair Wig

Fabian Valenzuela

Posted on November 18 2022

Tips for Styling Your Synthetic Hair Wig

Do you live with hair loss or thinness? Do you wish you could have fuller hair without taking the entire morning to style it? Look no further than synthetic wigs, which have a budget-friendly price tag and style memory and won’t lose their shape and texture.

However, there are a couple of styling tips for synthetic hair wigs that will keep them looking fresh and smooth. Next thing you know, you’ll confidently walk along the streets with a stylish hairdo.

Secure Your Natural Hair Underneath

Whether you have a natural chin-length bob or long curls that billow down your back, it’s crucial that your hair stays secure when you put a synthetic wig on. Ideally, you want to gel down short hair or braid your hair back, keeping it as smooth to the scalp as possible to prevent bumps. Afterward, you can slip a wig cap on and place the wig on your head without worrying about loose strands escaping.

Brush From Bottom to Top

Please do your best not to yank and pull our knots in your synthetic wig, as the fibers can fall out and result in a messier-looking wig. Instead, brush your wig from the bottom of the strands to the wig cap construction. This prevents unnecessary fallout and keeps your synthetic wig looking smooth and chic.

Style a Completely Dry Wig

A significant tip for synthetic wig styling is to style it when it’s completely dry. After you gently wash and condition your wig, you want to comb out any knots or tangles gently, then hang-dry it or place it on a wig mannequin to prevent damage. You can move forward with styling it once it’s completely dry.

Avoid Styling With High Heat

While it’s tempting to go through your synthetic wig with a hot tool, try not to use high heat. The reason is that the synthetic fibers can melt and become damaged. So, remember to use low heat or cool settings on your styling tools to smooth out any bumps or awkward kinks, so your wig looks smooth and silky.

Synthetic wigs are a budget-friendly and beautiful way to gain back your confidence. At FabysWigs, our line of synthetic and human hair wigs, hair toppers, and extensions will give you the volume and coverage you need to feel confident and beautiful. We offer high-quality synthetic wigs that provide endless style versatility and are perfect for every occasion. Reach out to our dedicated team today if you want to know more about our luxurious wigs.

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