The Different Types of Hairpieces Explained

The Different Types of Hairpieces Explained

As you live with thin hair or hair loss, creating natural fullness and volume can become a struggle. You’ve tried everything you could think of, and your options are becoming slim. Luckily, that’s where hairpieces come to save the day. They provide the perfect coverage, creating the long-desired look of fullness, volume, and vibrancy.

With so many hairpiece styles and textures, let’s review the different types. Before you know it, you’ll become a wig expert and change your entire look within seconds. The easy interchangeability and cost can make it worthy for anyone who lives with hair loss or alopecia.


Hair extensions make a fantastic choice for those who desire fullness and length. They’re great for people who live with thinning hair, hair loss, or alopecia and want an easy fix with long-lasting results.

There are many kinds of extensions, such as hair bonding, weaving, clips, tape-in, and halo hair extensions. Depending on your hair goals, extensions provide fantastic texture, styling, and longevity.


Another type of hairpiece to know about is the fringe. Fringes, also known as bangs, offer a low-cost and flexible option that easily fastens to a cap, head scarf, or hat. Additionally, it’s a fantastic wig alternative if you’re going out on a hot day or don’t have access to a regular wig.

You can find fringes made of synthetic or human hair for your preferred style. Lastly, a fringe can be attached with double-sided or wig tape for a secure fit.


Another alternative for people with thin hair or baldness on the top of their heads is to use a toupee. Men often wear toupees, but women also use them in their styling routines. They make for a quick and easy change for people who want more fullness and volume on the top of their heads.

It isn’t easy to find the perfect wig with so many kinds on the market. At FabysWigs, we offer beautiful wigs, hair toppers, and extensions for your everyday needs. Our hairpieces for women provide coverage and fullness for thinning hair, creating a sophisticated and put-together look no one will ignore. Ask about our beautiful hairpieces and wigs today for more.


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