The Differences Between Hair Toppers and Full Wigs

The Differences Between Hair Toppers and Full Wigs

Hair toppers and wigs are fabulous options for people suffering from hair loss or who enjoy switching up their daily hairstyles. However, these two options have some significant differences. If you’re searching for the better choice, it’s helpful to understand the differentiations. Here are the differences between hair toppers and full wigs.


One of the most noticeable differences between full wigs and hair toppers is the weight of the pieces. Because a wig covers your entire head, it will be heavier to wear, especially if you are wearing a wig with longer-length hair. Hair toppers are much smaller sections of hair that you clip in, so they are more lightweight than a full wig. Some wearers consider toppers more comfortable for everyday wear.


Coverage is the next significant difference between these two options. Full wigs provide full coverage, meaning that no part of your natural hair or scalp will show after a proper installation. On the other hand, hair toppers offer partial coverage, meaning they only cover a section of your scalp. Hair toppers typically cover the crown of the head or the front section of hair. A hair topper is a perfect solution if you are experiencing hair thinning in a minor area. But if your hair loss is more progressed, a full wig may be a more suitable option.


Another distinction between hair toppers and full wigs is the color availability. While both hair accessories come in a variety of colors, most wearers strive to match the color of a hair topper to their natural hair for a seamless look. You can select any color you like with a full wig because your natural hair hides underneath. Your natural hair remains visible with a hair topper, so achieving an exact color match becomes more of a priority.


There are also differences in cost between full wigs and hair toppers. Because hair toppers are much smaller sections of hair than full wigs, they tend to be more affordable and feature lower price points. Wigs take longer to make because there is much more material and hair to gather, thus increasing their price. This elevated cost is especially true for human hair wigs.

Now that you know the distinction between full wigs and hair toppers, you can determine which option is more suitable for you. If you’re looking for ladies’ hair toppers, Fabys Wigs has an extensive high-quality selection to help you find your perfect match.


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