How To Properly Measure Your Head for a Wig

How To Properly Measure Your Head for a Wig

It’s always an exciting experience to find the perfect wig for your next outing. However, it can quickly become less exciting when the wig doesn’t fit properly. If your wig doesn’t remain straight on your scalp or promptly falls off, it probably does not fit your head size. Head measurements are crucial for finding a wig with the right fit, so you won’t have to worry about discomfort or wig damage.

Let’s review the various wig sizes in the market and proper head measuring tips for wigs. Luckily, measuring your scalp only takes a few minutes, saving you money and heartache. It’s vital to remember that wig sizes vary by manufacturer, so ensuring that you have proper measurements will help guide you in the right direction.

Wig Size Measurements

Before going over scalp measurements, it’s essential to know the wig sizes available in the market. Because wig sizes are so fixed, wig companies should provide an appropriate size for your given measurements. Let’s discuss the general wig sizes available for you.

Average Wigs Sizes

The average wig sizes cater to most scalp measurements. If you fall in the average category, sizes range between 54 to 57 centimeters or 21.25 to 22.5 inches.

Most wig wearers will fall into the average wig size category, so seeing more wig options is common. If you have average scalp measurements, you’ll have an easier time finding wigs you love.

Petite Wig Sizes

You're more likely to fit in the petite category if you aren’t average or have a large scalp. Petite wig measurements sit between 51 to 54 centimeters or 20 to 21.5 inches.

Luckily, you won’t have to miss out on beautiful, high-quality wigs. There are wig manufacturers that cater to smaller scalp sizes. You won’t have to worry about finding moderate wig styles. Just remember that you have an inch of nape space for adjustment.

Large Wig Sizes

Lastly, if neither petite nor average-size wigs fit you, you are more likely to be in the large wig category. The sizes provided for larger wigs that exceed 57 centimeters or 22.5 to 24 inches.

Similarly, you won’t have to worry about not having beautiful wig options, like petite wigs. You’ll find plenty of styles, colors, and textures to your liking, from long wavy wigs to styled and textured bobs.

How To Measure Your Head

Now that you know more about wig sizing, it’s time to discuss the proper head measuring tips for choosing your next wig. You don’t only wrap a measuring tape around your head and call it a day. Numerous factors go into measuring for the perfect wig fit.

You need to take multiple measurements for proper wig sizing: circumference, front hairline to nape, ear-to-ear hairline across the forehead, ear-to-ear over top of the head, back of the head temple-to-temple, and back hairline to the nape of your neck. You want to remain as accurate as possible so that your wig feels effortless to wear and won’t cause discomfort throughout the day.


When measuring the circumference of your head, it starts at the center of your forehead. From there, you pull the measuring tape along the back, behind one ear, until it reaches the nape of your neck.

Once you’ve reached your nape, pull the measuring tape around over to your other ear. After that, you bring both ends of the measuring tape to meet at the hairline center of your forehead. Ensure that you track your measurements.

Front Hairline to Nape

Measuring your front hairline to your nape requires measuring from the front to the back of your head. To start, place one end of the measuring tape to your hairline in the middle of your forehead.

Once you place the measuring tape, pull the excess tape directly over the crown of your head and down the back until you’ve reached the nape of your neck, the base of the hairline. Continue to record your measurements.

Ear-to-Ear Hairline Across Forehead

For this measurement, you measure across your forehead from ear to ear. It’s a straightforward process: you place once the end of the measuring tape above one ear, pull the tape across your hairline until it reaches your other ear, then you’re done. Once again, you track your measurements.

Ear-to-Ear Over Top of Head

While you still measure from ear to ear, you measure from over the top of the head instead. Again, it’s a straightforward step:

  • Place the end of the measuring tape above one ear.
  • Bring the measuring tape over the top of your head until it reaches the other ear.
  • Record your measurements.

Back of the Head, Temple-to-Temple

Temple-to-temple measuring is like ear-to-ear measuring. However, here you measure from each temple on your head. This step is crucial. It’s common to miss this when you’re trying to measure your scalp for proper wig sizing.

You start by placing one end of the measuring tape on one of your temples next to your eyebrow. From there, you pull the measuring tape straight back and wrap it around your head. You aim to reach your other temple while the tape isn’t slipping or sliding up and down. Afterward, write down your measurements.

Back Hairline to the Nape of Neck

The last step in measuring your head is by taking measurements of the nape of your neck. It’s crucial to note that the base of your wig will sit along the nape of your neck.

You start by placing the end of your measuring tape behind one ear that’s level with the bottom of your earlobe. Once set, you pull the tape along the base of your hairline until you reach the opposite ear. After you’ve measured, record your numbers and compile your data. From there, you’ll find a wig that will capture your beauty and grace.

After you’ve taken your wig measurements, it’s time to find a wig that’s perfect for you. At FabysWigs, we offer beautiful wigs and hairpieces that will increase fullness, volume, and sophistication. Whether you live with hair loss, alopecia, or want to try a new style with low commitment, you can browse our catalog of wigs, hair toppers, extensions, and accessories to achieve the look you’re going for. From a short and textured pixie cut to a long and curly bombshell, you’ll find numerous looks for your lifestyle. If you have questions about our wigs, our dedicated team will help guide you in the right direction.

How To Properly Measure Your Head for a Wig

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