A Quick Guide to Synthetic Wig Maintenance

Fabian Valenzuela

Posted on October 13 2022

A Quick Guide to Synthetic Wig Maintenance

Buying a wig can be the perfect solution for living with hair loss or wanting to change up your look quickly. However, it takes effort to keep your wig looking soft, smooth, and stylish for multiple wears.

So, let’s discuss the various tips for maintaining your synthetic wig and keeping it looking good. The last thing you want is a crumpled, tangled, and dirty wig after only a couple of uses.

Brush Your Wig Regularly

One of the tips you should follow for wig care is proper brushing. You should brush your wig at least once daily, using a gentle combing or brushing technique. You want to focus on getting tangles out to prevent further tangling and damage.

Because synthetic wigs consist of plastic-based strands, knots and tangles can create bends in the hair shalt. So, use a wide tooth comb or brush and gently work through the wig without pulling or yanking too hard.

Wash Your Wig Consistently

A quick tip for synthetic wig maintenance is to wash your wig regularly. Don’t use any shampoo or conditioner you find in your home or store; use wig-appropriate products to help remove build-up and debris.

Fill your sink with cold water and a capful of wig shampoo, then gently swish your wig through the water-shampoo mixture to get the dirt and debris off. Don’t wring or twist your wig while washing, and ensure you condition the wig to keep the fibers soft.

Use Wig-Specific Styling Tools

Using your standard curling or flat iron can cause damage to your synthetic wig. Alternatively, you can use wig-specific styling tools that won’t damage your wigs.

Using a wig cap will help keep your natural hair down and allow for a more comfortable fit for your synthetic wig. Other styling tools include pins, teasing combs, and more.

Store Your Wig Appropriately

After taking care of your wig, the last step is to store it properly. Proper storage will protect your wig from getting dirty and tangled by preserving its shape and avoiding discoloration. You’ll want to ensure that they’re dry and clean, then place them in a shoebox, hang them on a wig stand, or store them in the packaging they came in.

Wearing a wig can immediately change how you see yourself. At FabysWigs, we offer wigs for those who live with hair loss and thinness or for those who want to transform their everyday look. Browse our synthetic wigs for women to find beautiful wigs for affordable prices and easy styling. If you have questions about our wigs, please contact us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect match.

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